3M VHB Double Sided Tape

3m vhb tape 5952 VHB double sided tape heavy duty black vhb tape

Log Roll size 600mm x 33meter

Product Specification:
  • Brand : 3M
  • Model : 5952
  • Adhesive : Acrylic
  • Adhesive surface : two sides
  • Adhesive type : pressure sensing
  • Material : Polyethylene
  • Features : heat resistant
  • Use : bag sealing
  • Colour : Black
Product Details

3m vhb tape 5952, 3M VHB double sided tape, black vhb tape

Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability

The almost invisible fixation makes the surface smooth

Can replace mechanical fasteners (rivet welding screws) or liquid adhesives

Black 0.045 inch (1.1 mm) modified acrylic adhesive and very comfortable acrylic foam

The foam core adhesive can be bonded to a variety of substrates, including powder coatings and irregular surfaces

Relative adhesion

HSE-high surface energy

LSE-low surface energy

Recommended Applications

  • Decorative material and trim
  • Nameplates and logos
  • Electronic displays
  • Panel to frame
  • Stiffener to panel

3m vhb tape 5952

black vhb tape

3M VHB double-sided tape

3m vhb tape 5952

3M VHB double sided tape

black vhb tape

Can be custom packing ,welcome to quote 3m vhb tape 5952, 3M VHB double sided tape, black vhb tape

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