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Tesa 4349 General Purpose Paper Tape With a Natural Rubber Adhesive Masking Tape

Width can be choose from 1mm-1600mm

Product Specification:
  • Name : Tesa 4349 General Purpose Paper Tape
  • Color : faint yellow
  • Log Roll Size : 1600mm x 50m
Product Details

Main applications

The product is suitable for general purpose applications: holding, sealing, fixing, light duty packaging etc.

Technical properties Paper Tape, Tesa Masking Tape

Backing material

slightly-creped paper

Total thickness

110 µm

Type of adhesive

natural rubber

Adhesion to steel

2 N/cm

Adhesion to rough surfaces

0.6 N/cm

Elongation at break


Tensile strength

33 N/cm Tesa Masking Tape

Unwind force (roll width > 9mm)

2.5 N/roll (30 m/min)

 Paper TapeTesa Masking Tape

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