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3M Paper Masking Tape 2214 25.4mm x 50m

Log Roll Size : 760MM*50M

Product Specification:
  • Name : 3M Paper Masking Tape 2214
  • Size : 25.4mm x 50m
  • Color : Tan
Product Details
Property Values 3M 2214
Color Tan
Thickness 0.14mm
Backing Crepe paper
Adhesive Rubber
180° Peel Adhesion 2.4 N/cm
Tensile Strength 40.3 N/cm
Temperature Use Range Removes cleanly after 30 minutes up to 93 °C

Details 3M 2214

  • Cost effective solution for indoor, light-duty applications
  • Low tack rubber adhesive provides a quick, temporary stick to a variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for use on sensitive surfaces 3M 2214
  • Crepe paper backing tears by hand
  • Ideal for marking, temporary holding, wrapping and sealing

Excellent for Temporary Use 3M 2214
3M Paper Masking Tape 2214 is an everyday-use, crepe-paper masking tape ideally suited for general indoor use and paint masking. Its rubber adhesive sticks instantly to paper, metal, wood plastic, glass, painted and other clean surfaces while resisting lifting or curling. In paint masking applications, it can withstand use in temperatures up to 200°F/93°C for up to 30 minutes work time. 3M 2214

3M 2214, 3M Masking Tape 2214

Recommended Applications 3M 2214

  • General indoor light-duty use 3M 2214
  • Light duty holding or bundling applications 3M 2214
  • Non-critical paint masking 3M 2214
  • Light duty sealing 3M 2214
  • Labeling and attaching 3M 2214, 3M Masking Tape 2214

3M 2214, 3M Masking Tape 22143M 2214, 3M Masking Tape 2214

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