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3m automotive masking tape 250 Hot sales Flatback Masking

Size by standard 1inch x 55meter

Product Specification:
  • Name : 3M 250
  • Size : 25.4MM*55M
  • Color : primrose yellow
Product Details

Flatback Masking Tape, 3M 250

3M 250

Recommended Applications 3M 250

·       Quality control paint adhesion testing applications

·       General holding and bundling applications

Thickness 0.16mm
Backing: flat paper 
Adhesive rubber adhesive 
3M P/N Flatback Masking Tape 250


Details 3M 250

·       Clean removal from paint, plating and powder coatings

·       Aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive provides instant adhesion

·       Special flatback paper backing resists tearing and breakage

·       Controlled unwind and easy to position, manipulate and tear by hand 3M 250

Flatback Masking Tape 250 is used as a quality control paint adhesion testing tape. It features high peel adhesion and a strong flatback paper backing. It is ideal for bundling and wrapping applications. Hot sales Flatback Masking 3M 250 Adhesive Tape 3M 250

Strong Attachment, Clean Removal  3M 250
Flatback Masking Tape 250 features a rubber adhesive that instantly adheres to a wide variety of surfaces. It detaches easily and provides clean removal, making it ideal for painting adhesion testing applications. Special flatback paper backing has good tensile strength to resist breakage. It also provides a controlled unwind while remaining easy to tear and manipulate during the application process. Used most often as a paint adhesion testing tape, Flatback Masking Tape 250 also works well for general holding and bundling applications where a stronger paper backing is needed. Ideal for use in temperatures up to 125°F/52°C up to 30 minutes of time. 3M 250

3M 2503M 250​3M 2503M 250

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