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3m precision masking tape scotch 410m double sided tape thick 0.15MM

Log Roll size : 305mm x 33meter ,wide can be choose 1mm-305mm

Product Specification:
  • Name : double coated paper tape 410m
  • Material : natural rubber adhesive
  • temperatures from -40°F / -40°C up to 150°F / 65°C :
  • Size : 305mm x 33meter( wide can be die 1mm-305mm)
Product Details

3m precision masking tape 410m, scotch 410m double sided tape

Recommended Applications

  • Splicing and core starting of papers, foils, films and fabrics
  • Golf club grip attachment
  • Mounting rubber or photopolymer printing plates to print cylinders
  • Temporary holding while parts are being finished in the milling process

Size 305mm*33m ( width we can cut by request  of free charge)


  • 6 mil double coated paper tape of natural rubber adhesive with a paper release liner
  • 3M™ Adhesive 860 offers high initial adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Heavy paper carrier is treated to improve strength and provide dimensional stability
  • Double coated tape is ideal for temporary attaching or fixturing
  • Solvent-free manufacturing process helps meet environmental best practices goals

3M™ Double Coated Paper Tape 410M tape is a hand-tearable double coated tape with a natural rubber adhesive system designed to offer excellent adhesion to many types of substrates. The adhesive is mounted on a paper carrier treated to increase strength and removability characteristics from high internal strength surfaces.


3M™ Double Coated Paper Tape 410M is a hand-tearable double coated paper tape featuring 3M™ Adhesive 860 and mounted on a paper liner. This robust 54 lb. densified kraft paper release liner is green and white plaid for easy identification and adds dimensional stability to the tape during processes such as die-cutting and automated dispensing. It allows for easy deployment, helps reduce edge roll and protects the tape from humidity extremes. Made with a solvent-free manufacturing process, this tape can also help meet environmental best practices and goals.

Enduring Bond
3M™ Adhesive 860 is a soft, rubber resin, pressure sensitive adhesive system. It provides a high initial adhesion and good holding power to a wide variety of materials. This adhesive is ideal for initial application indoors and at room temperature applications, but when properly applied it then performs under a wide range of temperatures from -40°F / -40°C up to 150°F / 65°C. It also offers short term heat resistance up to 180°F / 82°C.3m precision masking tape 410mscotch 410m double sided tape3m precision masking tape 410m, scotch 410m double sided tape

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