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Lohmann Adhesive Tape 0.20 Duploflex Fol lohmann tape Supplier

Size : 310mm wide x 4.5meter length x 0.2mm thick

Product Specification:
  • Name : plate mounting tape
  • Brand : Lohmann 0.20 Duploflex Fol
  • Color : Green
  • Size : 310mm x 4.5m x 0.2mm
Product Details

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Produkt advantages:

•  The dimensional stable PVC film carrier in combination with an aggressive synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive is  particularly suitable for hard, tolerance-free mounting of printing plates in flexographic printing.

•  Excellent tolerance compliance.

•  The adhesive system has been developed for the mounting of photo-polymer plates.

Size : 310mm x 4.5meter x 0.2mm

Foam thickness Adhesive PVC-film Liner
0.10 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 010 colourless-transparent  PVC creped film
0.15 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 015 yellow-transparent  PVC creped film
0.2 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 020 green-transparent  PVC creped film
0.25 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 025 red-transparent  PVC creped film

About Lohmann: The plate mounting tape solution for the most sophisticated tasks in letter press printing

Founded in 1851, Lohmann is one of the pioneering forces in adhesive tape technology and is

now active on a global scale. The Adhesive Tape Group is headquartered in Neuwied, Germany.

The company now has over 1,500 employees worldwide and exclusive

lohmann adhesive tapelohmann tape

sales partners in over 50 countries all around the world.lohmann adhesive tape, lohmann tape, lohmann tape Supplier

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