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3m dual lock reclosable fastener SJ3551 Duallock Tape SJ3551

Can customize the size and packaging

Product Specification:
  • Name : 3m SJ3551
  • Type : 400
  • Color : Black hook and white glue
  • Size : 1inch x 50yards
Product Details


3M Duallock Tape, SJ3551

Type: 400 stems per square inch 

Price Size width 25.4mm * length 1meters .one side / 1pcs 

Maximum Operating Temperature : 149 Degree Fahrenheit

Recommended Applications:

  • Access panels
  • Graphic attachment
  • Specialty vehicles (interior attachments)
  • General industrial attachment
  • Small components
Adhesive Type General Purpose Acrylic Adhesive
Brand 3M Dual Lock
Engaged Thickness (Imperial) 0.23 in
Closure Life 1000
Operating Temperature 93 Degree-200 Degree

*  Black, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads (400 stem density per square inch) provide strong, reliable and durable fastening that can be opened and closed multiple times

*  Mates with Type 170 and Type 250 stem densities to provide different strength combinations

*  White, acrylic, conformable foam tape bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals and plastics such as acrylics, polycarbonate and ABS

* Strong fastener secures with an audible snap, verifying closure


3M SJ3551 43M SJ35513m dual lock SJ35513M Duallock Tape

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