3M Foam Tape and Die Cutting

Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 3M 4052 4026 4032 With White Color

It can be customized

Product Specification:
  • Name : 3M 4032
  • Material : PE
  • Thickess : 0.8mm /1.6mm/ 3.2mm
  • :
Product Details

3M 4052 4026 4032, Foam Tape 4032

Size : can be die-cuting by customer request. Foam Tape 4032

3M Foam Tape 4032 4026 is an off-white, 0.0625 in. (1.6 mm) thick, double coated, open cell urethane foam tape that offers high shear strength. It is ideal for applications such as mounting interior signage and nameplates along with soap dispensers and air fresheners.

  • Off-white, 0.0625 in. (1.6 mm) open-cell, flexible urethane foam carrier fills gaps and helps bond to irregular surfaces
  • High shear adhesive with high temperature resistance Foam Tape 4032
  • Durable foam is ideal for interior mounting applications
  • Ideal for bonding, attaching, and mounting Foam Tape 4032
Recommended Applications

General interior and exterior mounting applications where the tape will be protected from the environment

Mount interior signs and nameplates

Mounting dispensers and air fresheners

Bond acoustic panels to walls

Attach wire clips to wall surfaces

Mount corner protectors

Foam Tape 4032     3M 4052 4026 4032Foam Tape 4032

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