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3M Rubber Feet SJ5303 Protective Bumpon 3M Clear Silicon Rubber Gasket

Substrates: ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Metals, Polycarbonate

Product Specification:
  • Name : 3M Sj5303 Protective Bumpon
  • Color : Clear
  • Size : 11.2mm diameter x 5.1mm height
  • Shape : Circular-Hemisphere
  • :
Product Details
Specifications 3m rubber feet SJ5303, Silicon Rubber Gasket, Protective Bumpon

Adhesive Type

Acrylic (A20)


Dampen Noise/Reduce Vibration



Backing Material


Diameter (Metric)

11.2 mm

Height (Metric)

5.1 mm

Market Segment

All Markets, Automotive, Cabinetry, Electronics, General Industrial

Primary Liner

Translucent Polyester Film

Product Form


Product Series





ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Metals, Polycarbonate



·       All 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products feature a urethane composition

·       Easy application with 3M pressure-sensitive adhesives

·       High skid-resistance

·       Won't scratch or stain surfaces

·       Reduces vibration and noise

·       Will not crack or harden

3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Product SJ5303 is a self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used as feet, stops and spacers. The hemispherical shape provides excellent sound damping and energy absorption.

3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products are self-adhesive rubber bumpers designed to be used as feet, stops and spacers. They feature a plasticizer-free, urethane composition which exhibits easy application with 3M™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and high skid-resistance. The use of 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products help to reduce vibrations and noise and won't scratch surfaces.

Suggested Applications

·       Use almost anywhere slamming, scratching, nicking, scuffing, marring, sliding, vibration, or noise could be a problem for your product

·       Feet on the bottom of small appliances, desktop or handheld electronic devices, electronic cabinetry, telephones, keyboards, foot pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, dispensers, and computers

·       Stops for cabinet doors, lids, and drawers

·       Spacers for picture frames to provide alignment; for electronics and automotive applications and aid in assembly

·       Protectors to help prevent damage in shipping, and keep parts from direct contact with each other

3M Sj5303 Protective Bumpon 3M Clear Silicon Rubber Dots/Top Hat Shape Silicon Rubber GasketSilicon Rubber Gasket3m rubber feet SJ5303Protective Bumpon

100% Original 3M product, welcome to inquire 3m rubber feet SJ5303, Silicon Rubber Gasket, Protective Bumpon

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